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MyGRIT Course


Who We Are

What We Do

Why MyGRIT Course© 

MyGRIT Course ©  improves students' attitudes towards learning by placing value on student

Effort Learning Actions ©

We are critical thinking champions focused on transforming learning experiences through

Effort Learning Actions ©

MyGRIT Course ©  provides intellectual growth for participants. 

MyGRIT Course ©  ignites the greater abilities each of us possess. 

MyGRIT Course ©  has only one direction: UPWARD! (1).jpg

Our focus is to foster students’ ability to deliberately deploy critical thinking.


MyGRIT Course ©  seeks to increase critical thinking ability of students, helping students improve their grades, learning experiences and process thinking ability.

OUR GOAL (1).jpg

To help students and other stakeholders learn how to increase student critical thinking ability through deliberate Effort Learning Actions ©. 


To influence student learning experiences by providing an in-depth understanding of Effort Learning Actions ©  in order to achieve increased critical thinking outcomes.


We seek to become the ultimate resource that promotes, elevates and encourages mastery learning skills through deliberate process thinking.


We believe if you can understand the Effort Learning Actions ©, you will get the outcomes you desire. We believe you can build new learning experiences. MyGRIT Course © helps students figure out the best learning style for them, master the tools that work best for them to learn, and apply these skills to learn in any subject through college level! 

OUR VISION (1).jpg

MyGRIT Course's objectives are to align students'...

  • Critical Thinking and Learning Style Modality


  • Critical thinking & Listening skills

  • Student Learning Support Guides' with effective Effort Learning Actions © that support increased critical thinking to deepen student learning

  • Community tutoring support centers with Critical Thinking Guidance and Certification


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