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MyGRIT Course ©, LLC

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At My GRIT Course ©, we believe that a student’s attitude towards learning is directly in line with the value placed on their Effort. 

At My GRIT Course ©, we offer an EFFORT ACTION based learning service that teaches students:


  • Fundamental critical thinking 

    • Distinguishing

    • Grouping

    • Relationships

    • Perspectives,

  • To understand how they learn best, and 

  • Support them to deliberately use this information for deeper learning  


My GRIT Course ©  was established with the

singular focus of increasing critical thinking ability

of every student.  My GRIT Course © offers many types of learning opportunities, whether middle, high school, college, or professional, we are focused on the process of thinking.

Designed to broaden our clients' perspective on how they gain and deepen their learning, we are fully committed to a positive social and emotional atmosphere.

My GRIT Course © helps our clients transform the way they think about learning, allowing them to reach their highest levels of success by broadening their view and understanding of academic success. As a full-on learning organization, we develop and share our knowledge and expertise to better our team, our services, and our community. 

Job Description

My GRIT Course © is currently seeking qualified individuals for our Critical Thinking Tutors! We are looking for individuals who are ready and willing to help our business grow through quality engagements. It is our job to work with clients to enable them to perform at their highest level.


As a Critical Thinking Tutor, you will:

promote critical thinking through Effort Actions,

encourage positive support learning environments, and

help students develop organizational skills.

The goal is to support students’ to improve upon their:

Critical Thinking ability

Study Effort Actions,

Note-taking process, and

And more!

We are looking for ‘A players’ who will be committed, warm, enthusiastic, and driven. We work in excellence and believe that with an incredibly positive attitude, anything is possible. We’re in the business of changing lives. A lot is at stake, and we are invested in doing whatever it takes to make change happen for our clients. We see obstacles as opportunities. Each team member naturally takes the initiative to introduce new ideas and bold solutions.

Job Qualification

  • One to two years of tutoring and mentoring experience

  • Preferably majoring in education - Elementary Education, English, or Mathematics Majors

  • Preferably Education Majors belonging to Teacher’s Honor Societies 

  • Professional experience preparing lesson plans and personalized instruction

  • Passion and excitement for the subject being taught

  • Collaborative Learning Culture 

  • "Lifelong Learning" Mindset 

  • Knowledge Sharing 

  • Patient, flexible, positive, consistent, dependable, and cooperative with a sense of humor

  • Ability to take supervision and correction constructively

  • Ability to teach students of all ages at varying levels of understanding and proficiency

  • Theoretical and practical understanding of the subject to be taught

Job Duties

  • Arrive on time and prepared for the day's lesson

  • Establish a friendly, encouraging, and welcoming environment for students 

  • Teaches/stimulates Effort Actions aligned with thought processes used in problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Collaborates effectively with parents to help them support student learning of Effort Actions aligned with thought processes used in problem-solving and critical thinking 

  • Assess the progress of assigned students to ensure effective processes

  • Invests in the learners’ well-being, health, and safety, physically, socially, and emotionally.

  • Serves as a role model for students

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