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Our Team

Lisa Batiste

Founder, Senior Critical Thinking Specialist

Faith DeJean

Executive Administrator

Faith DeJean, an Iowa, Louisiana, native, currently serves as the Executive Administrator for MyGRIT Course™. A college graduate of Louisiana State University, she has a Bachelor’s in Sports Administration with a Business minor. Faith handles the day-to-day organization of MyGRIT Course™, as well as communication both internally and externally. She is also responsible for coordinating various projects within our company and is one of the main organizers for the MyGRIT Course ™ 2021 Virtual Education Conference. 

E.M. Thomas

Chief Systems Officer

Chief Systems Officer, Em has experience developing and implementing effective strategies that has guided MyGRIT Course™ to reach its organizational goals. Her leadership and insights have produced continuity and process alignment to our team. 


Charlaya Washington

Executive Director of Non-Profit Services

Charlaya began her career shortly after receiving her Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering. She later received her MBA with a concentration in project management. Charlaya is known for her role as a consultant to the Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industry. With over 8 years of project management experience, Charlaya provides strategic planning and execution for the MyGRIT Course™ team. Charlaya has had a fruitful career managing mid-size capital projects, and remains passionate about cultivating educational strategies that effectively engage students.

Joy Aguilo

Web Designer


Joy Aguilo, currently serves as a Web Designer for MyGRIT Course™.  She began her career in a Business Process Outsourcing company while finishing her Bachelors of Science in Information Technology. Mainly focused in Web Design, she is responsible for designing our website's interface and also handles website testing, provides internal and external customer service throughout the build and launch process of the website.

Kelsey Tuma

Critical Thinking Tutor

​​Kelsey is a passionate educator and creator originally hailing from Minnesota. She currently is a Critical Thinking Tutor for MyGRIT Course™. She graduated from Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University, and since then has been lucky enough to work as a teacher and an instructor helping to develop young minds. At MyGRIT Course™, she tutors our private students in our one-of-a-kind critical thinking system, and helps run the Summer Bridge Programming. In addition, she assists in creating engaging marketing material.


Jordan Montano

Learner of Most Things

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